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ROPS / FOPS Safety

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Custom Roll Formed Metal Tubing for Roll-Over Protection and Falling Object Protective Safety Structures

When you partner with Roll Forming Corporation, you’re partnering with a company that takes personal safety as seriously as you do.

Metric Tube Fabrication Expertise, Services and Solutions

Roll Forming Corporation is a globally respected off highway, ROPS and FOPS cabs and custom roll formed tubing supplier. We are known for our innovative, high-quality components and metric tubes. We ensure that our ROPS and FOPS high-frequency welded tubes meet or exceed the highest strength and durability standards in the world today. We offer the highest level of protection by utilizing 100% in-line, non-destructive weld validation testing (NDT), die penetrate testing, and weld destructive testing. You can choose from one of our standard tube designs, or we can customize a tube to meet your specific requirements.



Tube ROPS Innovation and Customized Rollforming Services and Solutions

At Roll Forming Corporation, we have the engineering and technological expertise to customize components, to your specific design. This value-adding capability allows you to explore and test design options before manufacturing, bringing your ideas to life efficiently and cost-effectively. RFC offers customized solutions for ROPs and FOPs metric tubing, utilizing technologies such as tube laser cutting, tube bending including roll, draw and sweep producing high-quality components to ensure high-frequency welded sections meet or exceed the highest strength and durability standards.

Local and Global Reach in Metal Forming

Based in Indiana, Roll Forming Corporation is a roll forming supplier serving North American customers quickly and efficiently. Locally we offer tube bending, tube laser cutting, tube mill and custom roll forming all under one roof. If a global solution needs to be found, we can work with our world-wide affiliate metal forming companies to make it happen. Our affiliation with the voestalpine Group means that we can collaborate with some of the world’s best manufacturing minds. voestalpine’s vast R&D capabilities and availability of capital allow us to create and develop innovative new products and bring those products to market. and As a components fops rops manufacturer, our fops and rops tubing ensures quality rollover and fall over protection systems for your end market product.

Improving ROPS and FOPS Safety through Innovation

We specialize in the custom metal forming, welding, bending, cutting and fabrication of:

  • Square metal tubing
  • Rectangle steel tubing
  • Round steel tubes
  • Peanut tubes
  • Custom tube shapes
  • A posts
  • C posts
  • Door sections
  • Window sections
  • Halo sections
  • Cutter bars

Standard and Customized Metal Fabrication Solutions in Roll Formed Tubing, Welded Tubes, Laser Cut Tubes, Bent Tubes and Tube Fabrication

We offer custom and standard tube design. Our in-house expertise and technologies specialize in processing various steel grades, including ultra and advanced high strength. All of this plus tube fabrication all under one roof. Our on-site production capabilities include:

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